Dealer Income Development Specialists


Our Vision


Kolkman Automotive Concepts is a full service training and consulting company for the
Auto, Marine, Motorsport, and RV industries. 

We make a commitment to providing our dealer partners with excellent service and products that are
underwritten by top-rated insurers.

Through assessment and performance monitoring, combined with world class administration and training,
we implement the programs necessary to help you maximize your opportunities and deliver the results you expect.

We have wealth building opportunities to help you share in the underwriting profit and investment income!

You'll receive comprehensive counseling on wealth management, tax strategy, and compliance issues
giving you the necessary guidance and support to make more profitable decisions.

We have been certified by the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals,
and adhere to the ethics prescribed by the AFIP and N.A.D.A. 

Kolkman Automotive Concepts is dedicated to improving the quality of professional business management
and sales techniques, by offering quality products and instilling a Commitment To Excellence.


Do you want to take Control of your Financial Future?  Call us today at 727-480-2390.

Our Products and Services are available in All 50 States*

    * Individual Products and Services are subject to State Regulations and Restrictions - Please call (727) 480-2390 for details

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