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What is Check Guarantee?

Why Kolkman Automotive Concepts & Payment Solutions?

Kolkman Automotive Concepts has partnered with Payment Solutions to Guarantee All Checks Automatically With No Check Declines.

Since 1982, Payment Solutions has been helping dealers sell more vehicles and save $$$$.  No equipment is needed.  Our program is comprehensive, yet simple.

  • No Authorization Calls
  • Instant Guarantee & Acceptance of All Checks
  • No Check Turndowns
  • Fees Based On Bad Checks Only - Save $$$$

    We deliver these benefits to dealerships:
  • All checks are guaranteed automatically.  No time is wasted on authorization.  
            (No check readers, terminals, phone calls, or log lists)
  • Customer checks are never turned down - no tough decisions
  • 45-Day hold check period (no forms or restrictions)
  • No cost for 99% of your checks that are good
  • Coverage for check writers not on the contract - Third party checks guaranteed
  • Flexibility for re-written contracts
  • CSI benefits - positive last impression

Auto dealerships deserve a different check guarantee approach than general retail.  Eliminating check authorizations simplifies the process and frees you from turndown problems.  You don't have to decide which checks to guarantee and which to risk because all checks are covered automatically.  Give yourself a chance to learn more about this innovative approach. 





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