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Every Business Hates Them.....Credit Card Processing Fees!!!

We specialize in helping merchants with their credit card processing through current cost analysis and"cost-plus" pricing 

The fees are too high, you can't figure out your statement, and beyond that, essentially no one seems to really care much about
helping when you have questions, or worse...your machine goes down!

At Kolkman Automotive Concepts, our team of experienced professionals work hard to put an end to those frustrations by taking
the time to analyze how much you are actually paying for processing credit cards and then explaining to you clearly what those
fees are and how we can help you save money. We understand completely how frustrating this part of running your business can
be.  So...beyond the money savings, we work hard to be there to help with any questions or issues that come up. 
Give us a call and let us start helping you today!  

Expand your customers' payment options, simplify your business operations, and avoid hidden fees with processing solutions
from Kolkman Automotive Concepts.

No Set Up Fees
No Annual Fees
No Minimum Monthly Fees
No Need to Replace Terminal

Why does your business need a Credit Card Processing Service?

A versatile, reliable credit card processing service can help your business increase sales by enabling you to accept all forms of
payment from anywhere at anytime.  With a first-rate credit card processing service, you can:

Accept all Forms of Payment -  With an adept credit card processing service your business can accept and verify payment from
all major credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and traditional checks.

Accept Payments Anywhere - The way we conduct business changes everyday.  With a good credit card service, payment can
be accepted anywhere.  Transactions are processed online, at a retail site or at a remote location with internet access, such as a
trade booth or kiosk.  Most services will also let you manually enter information if you sell something away from internet access.

Get Fraud and Security Protection - A valuable service will offer security protection by utilizing modern encryption technology to
give you and your customer peace of mind when processing credit card information.  Many will process using a VeriSign SSL
Certificate without requiring you to purchase a certificate separately as well as an Address Verification Service (AVS) to protect
against the fraudulent use of a credit card.


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