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Trade-In Protection Plan



Protect tomorrow's trade-in. Today.

Up to $5,000 when the customer owes more than their car is worth at trade-in.

Provides protection against unforseen changes in their vehicle, environment, or life.

Covers many of the circumstances beyond control that can affect
the trade-in market,and cause negative equity:

The price of gasoline
Interest Rates
The city they live in
Supply and demand for vehicles
Incentives and rebates
Time of year they trade-in
The price of oil
The election


How it works: 

1. Customer must make at least half their monthly payments (New 50/66%, Used 60/66%)

2. Include Trade-In Protection with monthly payments

If at the time of trade, they are in a negative equity position - difference between N.A.D.A. Clean Retail
and Balance Owed

We'll pay up to $5,000 towards the down payment for their next vehicle, provided they return
the selling dealer

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