Dealer Income Development Specialists


Common ?'s

How does it work?

Easy.  We electronically debit half of the customer's loan payment every time they get paid.  Our set-it-and-forget-it plan pays down the loan faster and reduces
interest charges.  Customers enjoy the convenience and easier budgeting while reducing their debt faster.

Is it safe?
It is extremely safe.  Federal banking laws make electronic debits safer than writing checks.  Customers have up to 90 days to reverse debits.

How much does it cost?
Absolutely ZERO dealer cost.

What are the fees for the customer?
Absolutely ZERO upfront cost.  Customers make no out-of-pocket payments and the program fees are not added to the amount financed.  A $1.95 transaction fee is
included in each debit.  Consider their savings on stamps, checks, their time, and late fees.  If they are satisfied with the program, a $399 deferred enrollment fee
is retained from their accelerated payments.  This includes payment of any additional home, car, or school loans.

When does the dealership get paid?
It depends on the start dates and customer's debit amounts.  As we collect the deferred enrollment fee, commissions are directly deposited into the dealership's
account on a biweekly basis.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?
If a customer is not completely satisfied with our service, they can cancel anytime.  We guarantee laon payments are on time.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our service.

How does a customer cancel or change debit dates?
Call 1-800-481-6863 more than 48 hours before a scheduled debit.

What if a customer doesn't have enough money for a debit?
The customer is notified that we will not be able to make payment to the lender.  The customer must write checks until restarting the program.  Customers can restart the program at any time.

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