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Example Benefit Summary   

($28,000 Amount to Finance @ 4.6% x 66 Months)

NOW COMPARE with $2,000 of F&I Products Added to Loan
Get loan approved for 72 months vs. 66 months and convert customer to SMART Payment Plan
Term Reduction of 6 Months gets the customer back to their original term of 66 Months 
Payment of $241.18 every 2 weeks x 66 months vs $481.83 per month x 66 months
—»»    $2,000 of F&I Products SOLD        ««—

"Which is easier to budget Mr./Mrs/ Customer?"

"A payment of $481.83 per Month with none of the protection you'd like
A payment of $241.18 every 2 Weeks that includes the Service Contract, GAP, etc..?"

See Below 

($30,000 Amount to Finance @ 4.6% x 72 Months)

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