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Provides for the repair or replacement of the vehicles tires which become unserviceable because of a
puncture caused by a road hazard (Road Hazards include Nails, Glass, Potholes, Metal, Debris, etc.)


Also provides for the repair or replacement of the vehicles wheels
which become unserviceable due
to a road hazard failure


Covers mounting and balancing, valve stems, taxes and labor 

No claim limits**

Provides Emergency Roadside Assistance for tire related emergencies

Provides emergency travel expenses of up to 3 days not to exceed $50 per day, while the vehicle
is being
repaired provided the disablement results from a Tire & Wheel road hazard at least 250 miles
from the
policyholder's residence

Sign & Drive





* Tires ONLY Program available upon request (great for the Service Drive) 

** Programs with Dollar Limits available upon request

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